Electromagnetism / Light and Colors

Welcome to the website where you can get acquainted with new theories on electromagnetism and on light and colors. Is such a thing necessary at all? Don’t the current theories explain these phenomena in a satisfactory way? In my deep conviction, the answer is negative. Even after more than two hundred years since the discovery of the electric current and despite the huge technological development in this field, it is still a big puzzle for the mankind.

In the field of the light and colors for three hundred years rules the theory that light consists of colors. Regardless of the numerous substantiated objections raised against this theory during its establishment in the 18th century and later, it still deludes the people of today.

A multitude of great minds have rightly said that the goal of science is to understand how nature works. For the current scientific theories it cannot be said that they fulfill this goal satisfactorily. This was the main motive of the author when venturing on the development of new theories. Through them, the phenomena in these two fields become transparently understandable to anyone. The theories are not based on some contemplative philosophizing, but on experiments that are easily verifiable.

The author intends in the near future to write a condensed form of the paper for quick acquaintance with the essence of the theories.

The work is available in three languages: Macedonian, English and German. The English translation was carefully done by me. Nevertheless, since I’m not an expert in English, I hope to make it better in the future with the help of others. The German translation was made with the kind help of Detlev Schlott. If there are interested people who would like this work to be available in their mother languages, they can freely write to me to discuss the details.

Mitko Gorgiev
email: mgorgiev17@gmail.com
Skopje, March 2019

You can download the work here:
New theories on electromagnetism and on light and colors.pdf (English Version) (2.8 MB)
Neue Theorien über den Elektromagnetismus und über das Licht und die Farben.pdf (German version, not complete) (1.7  MB)
Нови теории за електромагнетизмот и за светлината и боите.pdf (Macedonian original) (2.7 MB)