About Me

Two great men I have to thank for the nascence of the work presented on this site: Rudolf Steiner and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The Austrian philosopher I have to thank more from philosophical point of view, while the German poet more from scientific point of view (yes, he was a scientist too, and in my view, a great scientist).

My name is Mitko Gorgiev. I am a 49 years old man from Skopje, Macedonia. I’m neither a physicist nor an electrical engineer. I have actually no profession. When I was young I wanted to be an electrical engineer, but midway through the faculty I left it because I couldn’t get used to the story that material particles move through the wires.

My preoccupation with science came out of the blue seven years ago when I began to read the part of Goethe’s works on light and colors “Contributions to optics” (German: “Beiträge zur Optik”, later retitled in “Beiträge zur Chromatik”). It was a kind of revelation to me. I was dazzled by the simplicity of the experiments and the methodology of this, in a sense, introduction to his later and greater work “Theory of colors” (“Zur Farbenlehre”).

The work on the electromagnetism came about somewhat later through Goethe again. The initial impulse was a thought of his where he says that the electric current must be a flow of two electricities, positive and negative, the first emanating from the one pole, the second from the other pole of the current source.