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Charge A Car Battery
Charge A Car Battery
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Amp-hours is how many amps an hour a charger can put out. If a battery has 36 amp-hours, android it can output 1 amp for 36 hours, 3 amps for 12 hours, 6 amps for 6 hours, etc. A 10 amp charger puts out 10 amps an hour to the battery.  
How to be close to the charger to the battery  
Before you begin charging, make certain you're in a blithe area, and your battery and charger are compatible. Check your owner's directory for more information.  
Step 1: Identify the positive and negative terminals. The definite terminal is either red or has a pro sign close it.  
Step 2: Disconnect the battery cables and cut off the battery. Always disconnect the negative, or ground, first.  
Step 3: clean your battery terminals. make clear you sever any dirt or corrosion to ensure a proper charge.  
Step 4: If required, occupy the cells taking into account water. If you have a maintenance-free battery, you can forgo this step.  
Step 5: Set the charger to the proper voltage. The capture voltage should be on the battery or in the owner's manual.  
Step 6: put in the cables. attach the sure cable first and then the negative.  
Step 7: Plug in the charger. create definite you're using a high and dry outlet without an adapter.  
Determining warfare duration  
If you know how many amp hours your battery has, you can calculate how long the battery takes to charge. To figure that you can use a easy formula. Time= Amp-hour/Battery Amps. For these examples, we are using a 48 amp battery.  
Using 2 amps  
Using a 2 amp charger on a 48 amp battery takes 24 hours to skirmish from empty. The charger puts out 2 amps an hour and has to feign for 24 hours to reach 48 amps.  
Using 4 amps  
Using a 4 amp charger upon a 48 amp battery takes 12 hours to fighting from empty. The charger puts out 4 amps an hour and has to con for 12 hours to achieve 48 amps.  
Using 6 amps  
Using a 6 amp charger on a 48 amp battery takes 8 hours to clash from empty. The charger puts out 6 amps an hour and has to exploit for 8 hours to reach 48 amps.



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